Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Where craftsmanship meets sophistication. Step into a world of timeless beauty and impeccable artistry. As purveyors of exquisite jewellery, we take pride in not only offering a stunning collection but also in the delicate craft of creating and restoring pieces that tell your unique story.

About Our Store

Welcome to Wino Jewellers, your exquisite destination for refined timepieces and luxurious jewellery. Immerse yourself in the epitome of elegance as our highly skilled artisans cater to your desires, creating bespoke jewellery pieces, restringing of pearls, conducting meticulous repairs, and offering impeccable engravings.


Timeless Elegance Jewellery

Indulge in Timeless Elegance with our curated collection of premier brands. Elevate your style with exquisite pieces from renowned names such as Daniel Klein, Obaku, Police, Nominations Italy, Hirsch strap, and more. Discover the perfect fusion of sophistication and craftsmanship, ensuring every accessory reflects your unique taste.


Bespoke Masterpieces Unleashed

Elevate your style with our Artisan Creations — where every piece is meticulously crafted to reflect your unique essence. Our expert artisans blend creativity with precision, ensuring each custom jewellery design is a masterpiece tailored exclusively for you.


Expert Jewellery Restoration

Indulge in meticulous care with our expert jewellery restoration services. Our skilled artisans specialise in a range of exquisite services, including the delicate art of restringing pearls, precision engraving, seamless replacement of watch batteries, and meticulous repair of jewellery. Trust us to revive the beauty of your cherished pieces.

Visit us today to experience the epitome of elegance, where passion meets perfection. Your journey into the world of fine jewellery begins here.